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My Bearded Dragon is running like crazy? O_O?

Veronika Gk
Veronika Gk

This story happened 2 days ago. We let him out of his cage alot!

Alright, he's a male bearded dragon, about 2 1/2 -3 years old (got him from a friend when he was little). SUPER LAZY! Usually all he does is sleep in his cage. We take him outside every day, but a few days ago I put him in the center of my room in the sunlight and after a few seconds he just dashed off!

Ok, so I put him on my bed (which is about 3 and a half feet off the ground) he jumps off in a certain spot every time! Then he falls upside down, and it's almost like he was hurt, so i kissed and cuddled him as usual, and put him back on my bed, and put a few pillows around my bed in case he decides to jump again. He goes around the pillows, and still jumps off, and runs off full speed like one of those crocs or gators on TV, and rams his head against the wall. Even if I have music playing I can still hear a huge thud. I don't know why he does that!

So then he goes off on an "adventure" and by that I mean explore every nook and cranny of my bedroom, even the bathroom and closet, (he goes under the door, even if it's locked), and tries to climb EVERYWHERE! And I mean everywhere… And he even leaves the room and goes into shoes and other places, he even fell asleep in a shoe and slept there like a baby all night. He even hid under the sink and slept there, in a place where I couldn't get him out! It's like he just wants me to leave him alone?

Every time I set him down somewhere he just runs off. Even if he's on my shoulder and I'm at my desk he jumps off onto the chair, and then jumps onto the And if he's not jumping off, he's trying to fall asleep on my desk.
Also, he goes exploring in only one direction, to the east. He won't go anywhere else. He seems to be looking for something? So is this normal for a beardy that's super lazy? I don't want to keep him in his cage all day and all night, they need some freedom, but I can't trust him to stay in one spot. Any help?

Added (1). He's also jumping around his cage like crazy right now? O_O


He could of just come out of brumation ( when there most active) and is now searching for girlfriend to put his wee-wee in her jaa-jaa