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Nook HD Gets Stuck at 99% When Restarting?

cHaZ asian pride
cHaZ asian pride

I was loading a profile (you know how you can have multiple profiles) and it was taking so long so I pressed the sleep/awake button and the screen went black and when I pressed the sleep-awake button again, it showed the loading profile screen. This went on for a little while until I held the sleep-awake button. This restarted my Nook HD, but the restarting stopped at 99%. I tried plugging it into the charger and restarting it again, but it still gets stuck at 99%. I have it completely turned off right now and plugged into the charger. Any tips?

Thank you in advance(:


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Jailbreak or Root Your Ereader and Turn It Into Something Else Entirely
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If you want to get a few more features from your ereader then it's time to root or jailbreak it. The process is incredibly easy on a Nook, or a Kindle and once you're done you can add a few great apps to it to add even more functionality. You can do a lot more with an ereader than just read books and with a little effort you can turn it into a powerful little media consumption machine.

That is a great question, hope I was able to help. Good Luck…

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