Barnes & Noble Nook

The NOOK Simple Touch: Have a Touch to What You Are Reading

The Nook Simple Touch (or shortly the Nook Touch) is a representative of the Barns & Noble e-book readers second generation.

A user can read books, magazines, newspapers and periodicals on an 800x600 E-Ink touch screen. Internet connection is provided by Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n. The device can be connected to the computer and charged via a USB port. As for internal memory, the device is fitted with 2 GB, 1 GB is at user's dispose at that. 750 MB out of 1 GB can be filled with content bought in Barnes & Noble's e-book store. The rest 250 MB can be occupied by user's other files.

If you experience lack of memory, you have the possibility of expanding memory with cards of microSD and microSDHC formats. The maximum external memory capacity is 32 GB which is more than sufficient for storing thousands of books and other editions in such formats as EPUB and PDF and images in BMP, JPEG, PNG and GIF formats. Nevertheless, txt and rtf formats are not supported for some reason. If you wish, you can choose any image file as a screensaver. Unfortunately, no audio files are supported.

According to the company tests, the battery the device is equipped with is expected to be flat in 2 months after it has been fully charged. The Wi-Fi option is turned off at that. Otherwise, the battery will provide the Nook Simple Touch work for 3 weeks.

Like all previous Nook models, the device is notable for a LendMe feature. Thanks to it a user has an opportunity for sharing his books with other users with a book publisher's permission. It's maximally up to 14 days that the buyer is allowed to share his book with another person. It can be done only once. After getting a borrowed book, a user can read it with the help of special NOOK software.

In the Nook Simple Touch there is a "hidden" web-browser which you can gain access to by typing a URL in the search window. Among other software features it is worthwhile mentioning "shelves" organization of books, which makes it quite comfortable to search for required book titles.

In the April of 2012 Barns & Noble released a Simple Touch E-book device featuring "Glowlight" technology which provides easy reading in poor light conditions. Such outstanding results are achieved by using a diffraction grating technique which assures light diffusion across the display.